Heal or Kill

Do not underestimate the effect of time. It does heal any effect of anything on something, however it can Kill as well. Now you have to watch out who and what is being healed or being killed. Don’t leave your destiny in the hands of time, you’ll only lose yourself into the dark. Take the… Read More Heal or Kill

What ! life !

A homeless, jobless, friendless Vagabond was looking for the answer to his question, what is life. He kept on moving from place to place and went on asking almost everyone who was crossing his path. his clumsy dress and wired appearance repelled people but still he never gave up. One day he met a vegetable… Read More What ! life !


A vegetable grower doesn’t eat his tomato much, he wants to sell all of it. A sweet shop owner doesn’t eat the sweets he prepared in his kitchen. He sees profit in it. A doctor goes to another doctor to get his physical fitness and illness checked. He knows what he knows. Some butcher prefers… Read More WHAT YOU SELL

Insights: Traction

Traction is what makes sure that your car’s horsepower actually translates to the asphalt and pushes your car forward. Without it, all you create is smoke, admittedly cool drifts and rubber marks on the road. For a startup, the situation isn’t much different. You can spend a lot of time on product development, getting investors,… Read More Insights: Traction


Schooling can provide you with a certificate ofcourse but the education is what you are left with when you no longer go to school. Proper and ethical education provide you the power of thinking and power of comprehension that one can use for the rest of his life. Remembering information is a factor of one’s… Read More Education

Good Behaviour

Parents are the primary teachers of a child. Children learn what they observe, what they listen. What if all parents do only the right thing and be an example for their children, this world would become a better place. You should not be doing something that you don’t want your children be doing in future.… Read More Good Behaviour

Criminal Mind

Some people are criminal minded. They commit crimes, but never confess. By not accepting their ill actions they tend to behave normally and mingle with others hoping that others would trust them just because they didn’t accept their mistakes. They want to take the advantage untill  found guilty.

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