Who is lonely

gray and black galaxy wallpaper

When you find no place to go,

When you see no friend to turn to,

When you find yourself alone,

When you see all hopes have long gone,

The stars shine upon you,

It gives a clue to you,

All that was gone, not meant for you,

All that you wish will be for you!

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It is time that you should discover your inner self which is full of possibilities, time to practice your abilities; what do you know, what you can do, that can give you pleasure, peace of mind and a sense of individuality. It is time that you realize you are an individual who was born on this planet alone; you fought and survived. This tiny fact is so strong that it could sow unlimited opportunities into your mind that can keep you awake in nights.

We all at some point do reach a time when there’s no-one stand beside you. But you should never feel afraid of such situations. As, when you are lonely, you are actually with your inner self. It is the opportunity when one must discover his talents, wishes, hobbies, a way to live life. Living with someone always gives us a sense of satisfaction, support, security. We forget to harness our qualities; day after day, year after year we become blunt and get used to of living in any condition. The day you feel lonely, you are scared, is the day when you can do, you can live for yourself. And you’ll see in the end that society and people around you as well get benefited with every action of yours. Individuality is the key to success, key to discover hidden talents, a sense every person must look for.