The Shadow

A shadow was … Read More The Shadow

Nothing lasts

A bud once appeared, It blossomed and spread fragrance, It would be withered; A star once shone up in the high, It emitted light, It would burn into ashes in the sky; A river started flowing from a glacier, It nourished lives on its way, Would meet the ocean and stop flowing ever; Sense of… Read More Nothing lasts

Midnight Haunt

Midnight Haunt- a English poetry saying the plight of a man for he has lost his love for unknown reason. Empty room, no sign of moon, the feeling of hollowness and the betrayal of Cupid have filled his heart.… Read More Midnight Haunt

What are you thinking

The key to understand an adult’s behavioral trend is to go back to his childhood and look into his upbringing environment and circumstances. Surrounding plays a major role in child development. Any restriction or hindrance cause a child to adjust with the environment and modify its mental growth and thinking pattern. This patterns later affect the and guide the child in his adulthood. … Read More What are you thinking

Learn to live

We keep on digesting things that we eat in every form, physical or mental. Life goes on with all the changes it could possibly adopt. Life is like water flowing to the deepest part on the path. So just relax, pain will be there but the final outcome will be enjoyable.

Who is lonely

When you find no place to go, When you see no friend to turn to, When you find yourself alone, When you see all hopes have long gone, The stars shine upon you, It gives a clue to you, All that was gone, not meant for you, All that you wish will be for you!… Read More Who is lonely

My wish

I keep mum doesn’t mean I don’t know the answer! I stand beside you doesn’t mean I share your views! I love you doesn’t mean I like all about you! I live with you doesn’t mean I have no other place to go!

Dear Dog

We all love our pet dogs, while we know that they’ll die sooner than we do. Back in our mind we think once he’s gone we’ll keep another one and raise him good. We also have plenty of expectations from our pets, however poor training and treatment sometimes become the obstacle to achieve the goal.… Read More Dear Dog

Mann Maani (Hindi/English)

Mannmaani karte hai jo Aham palte hai wo, Dil rakhte hai lekin Ehsas bechte hai wo, Muskurato leti hai jarur Magar phool khila nahi sakti hai wo, Naadi jaisi bahti hai lekin Pyaas bujha sakti nahi wo, Saar uska jhukta nahi kabhi Uchai ka andaaza mila nahi kabhi, Usse paneka mann kiya bahut Magar usse… Read More Mann Maani (Hindi/English)

Intelligence & Sadness

“ Happiness in intelligent peopleis the rarest thing i know. ” ~— Ernest Hemingway “The more you understand,The more you get depressive.” ~— Fyodor Dostoevsky “Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth.” ~— Fyodor Dostoevsky|Crime and… Read More Intelligence & Sadness