Education can give you courage; you learn to ask questions and learn to find answers whereas an uneducated mind hide behind the canopy of tactics of gestures.


Dimension: 24″ x 15″ Medium: Watercolor Year: 1998 The painting was mounted on canvas using mod podg. For full size view please visit gallery

Do It Fast (DIF)

I can’t stop myself laughing while typing this post, Soon you’ll know why. Today I’ll tell you how to do things first. The topic is drying cloths. It was a busy day. I had to prepare my daughter for school. When ai tried to reach for her school uniform, I found it all washed but… Read More Do It Fast (DIF)

Random life

Ocean is the life It’s still or it flows No one ever knows Try to swim fast, makes you tired Try to float, you might enjoy What it gives, takes all back It’s only the time that matters Sour it is always, if you taste it Sweet it is always, when remember it It’s a… Read More Random life


Human bond, relationship is like a tree. We must nurture it regularly to keep it going. Ignoring one’s emotional requirements can lead to breakdown of the bond. Sharing, caring, loyalty are the fundamentals of any relationship. Breaching one’s trust, or cheating can not prove one’s smartness, rather on long term they may be proved to… Read More Relationship


Wisdom drapes her truth in symbolism, and hides her insight with allegories. Creeds and rituals are symbols and parables. The ignorant perceive them literally, building for themselves a prison of words, taunting those who will not join them in bondage. Before the sharp vision of the seer, dogma, tropes, and ceremony fades and dissolve, and… Read More 026.

On Living The Life You Want

Living the life you want to live comes down to determining what matters to you, what you want, and going after it. There’s nothing complicated about this existence once you get a couple decades in; hell, one can come to understand it in one decade if they pay attention and study a bit of history.… Read More On Living The Life You Want

How To Get Your Life Back On Track After A Setback

If you’ve experienced a setback, here is what you need to know about how you can get your life back on track and move forward confidently. How To Get Your Life Back On Track After A Setback

If you are beautiful!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is an old saying. If you are beautiful in your mind then you see everything beautiful. A freeman always wish everyone be free. An artist see the excellence in every part of imperfections. A criminal is always cautious as he thinks everybody else is no different. We… Read More If you are beautiful!

Another Painting

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Year: 2015 Artist: Manas Halder