Another Painting

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Year: 2015 Artist: Manas Halder

Matter of time

When you sleep, sleep like a baby, sleep like the nature asked you to do it. And when you get up consider it like the Almighty is kicking you back to stand up and some serious task. Life has no other greater meaning but to live it. Everything that exist today will be destroyed one… Read More Matter of time


Common people have simple requirements, food, shelter, cloth, entertainment. To fulfill these requirements they work, earn money and keep on living. But even the hermit needs others help to survive, he begs, and the commoner gives. So the need makes us all same, doesn’t matter who you are, rich, poor, religious, non religious, educated or… Read More Needs

The Goddess

Finding true love is the most impossible task. Love is a feeling. A sense that accepts your selflessness. The joy of love lies in giving up everything you may have for one you love. … Read More The Goddess

From Julius Caesar

His life was gentle; and the elementsSo mixed in him, that Nature might stand upAnd say to all the world, THIS WAS A MAN! William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Unstoppable Love

Two love birds, they were pigeon, spotted on a survey vessel. From their look it was evident that they weren’t getting food properly. May be starving. Pigeons can’t rest on water or dive into it to collect food. May be, they don’t even eat fish, seems vegetarian. Anyway, those two were looking at each other,… Read More Unstoppable Love


Standing alone in the sea All those were along, gone long ago What was left, what it was always What was flowing can swallow All that is standing alone

Food Habit, Good or Bad

Once we are grown up we actually need only a little energy to maintain our body. Until 25 years old we need protein as a vital part of our diet and fat as well. Later only carbohydrate and a very small amount of protein , either veg or non veg source should be enough to… Read More Food Habit, Good or Bad