A vegetable grower doesn’t eat his tomato much, he wants to sell all of it.

A sweet shop owner doesn’t eat the sweets he prepared in his kitchen. He sees profit in it.

A doctor goes to another doctor to get his physical fitness and illness checked. He knows what he knows.

Some butcher prefers to be vegetarian and they hate blood. We all know Hitler.

A bully and a street fighter actually want to live a peaceful life.

A beggar wants to become rich one day.

A slut never loves one in return of love, she wants to sell it.

A school teacher could be a child abuser at home.

A whore was actually forced to adopt the profession.

In other words, none of us digesting anything that we sell. We culture things to sell. It could be an object, intellect or any physical services. Normally we see people in terms of their profession which is a mechanism to communicate to the outer world to meet our provisions. However deep inside our wish mostly differs a lot. One’s personal and psychological growth occur only when his inherent characteristics, the wish, and his professional orientation become coherent. Cultural background, family history, ignorance, economics can reinforce the difference between the inner self and the outer mask. A progressive society should indulge families into methods and practices that reduce the difference. Cultural evolution is a slow process. To adopt a simple way of living, it could take decades. If we ignore it, we will only end with a society where people are disconnected from each other and behave like a slave of the system. A social system is a complicated entity where elements are likely and expected to change the mode of it.

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