She is a girl with dreams in her eyes A hope to fly, to touch the sky. Behind those eyes mysterily hide millions of feelings. She is held by her own gravity. Negativity is the enemy of her creativity. She forgets where she puts her hair clips But she remember every small thing about him.… Read More MYSELF 💙

15 Positive Quotes About Strength

Quotes About Strength And Moving Forward 1. Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.– Mahatma Gandhi 2. Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.– Napoleon Hill 3. Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it.– Winston Churchill 4. Be sure you put your feet…… Read More 15 Positive Quotes About Strength

The Bullying Survivor

The survivor of bullying who escapes the abuse first comes out with shock, anger, and sadness. But once the healing is underway, they’re filled with renewed hope. When school or workplace bullying experiences have exposed you to the darkest sides of human nature, you have a stronger sense of your own endurance and capability. This… Read More The Bullying Survivor

Power Yoga vs Yoga – How Do They Differ?

Power Yoga is closely modeled after another style of yoga called Ashtanga. This style of yoga is a vigorous, fitness based style of yoga. What is Power Yoga? Some people associate power yoga with “gym yoga.” Power yoga, though, doesn’t follow a set series of yoga poses so the classes offered can vary widely. Since… Read More Power Yoga vs Yoga – How Do They Differ?

12 Foods That Build Strong Healthy Bones

We all need to strong bones to maintain good posture and enhance our overall health. If our bones are weak it makes it difficult to bare the weight generated by the fat and muscles of our body. Your bones are similar to the foundation of a house; if the foundation is weak the entire structure… Read More 12 Foods That Build Strong Healthy Bones

India vs China

What is Inner Strength?

If you hop on social media or watch TV, a common topic you will hear about is inner strength. What does it mean? How do you develop your own? What can having inner strength do for you? Let’s find out the real story of inner strength and why it is essential for you. Qualities Of… Read More What is Inner Strength?