If you are beautiful!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is an old saying. If you are beautiful in your mind then you see everything beautiful. A freeman always wish everyone be free. An artist see the excellence in every part of imperfections. A criminal is always cautious as he thinks everybody else is no different. We… Read More If you are beautiful!

Another Painting

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Year: 2015 Artist: Manas Halder

Georges remembered

I spoke about doing a painting of Georges the dolphin a few weeks ago and yesterday I got a chance to take a photo of the painting which is acrylic on canvas. I forgot how much I loved painting this. I think he was a bottle nosed dolphin. They have upturned mouths that make them… Read More Georges remembered

A Boat Painting

Year 2019, Acrylic on Stretched canvas, size 24″x 18″, unframed, original color may vary.

Art, People, Life, Truth and Lies

I decided to walk for exercise instead of the Elliptical. Needed a view of the real world than just staring at the wall. Cardio lazy lately. Outdoors is my easy Fitness motivator. Woman walking with her groceries next to a big Church. Photography is Art. It can be any story and interpretation. I outpaced the… Read More Art, People, Life, Truth and Lies

Writing and Feelings


You Either Die an Artist or Live Long Enough to See Yourself Become a Creative Entrepreneur

The artist. A solitary genius. A creator of beauty so sacred that we can’t help but love and fear at the same time. “He’s a true artist,” we find ourselves saying, and it’s these words that conjure up the vision of someone whose inexorable destiny has always been to create, even at the expense of having to… Read More You Either Die an Artist or Live Long Enough to See Yourself Become a Creative Entrepreneur