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Understanding the Sally-Anne test

The Sally–Anne test is a psychological assessment commonly utilized in developmental psychology to evaluate an individual’s social cognitive capacity to attribute false beliefs to others. This test was prominently introduced by Simon Baron-Cohen, Alan M. Leslie, and Uta Frith in 1985. Subsequently, in 1988, Leslie and Frith replicated the experiment, this time using human actors instead of dolls, and obtained comparable results.

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What are the Basics of Blogs and Blogging

Have you heard other people talking on and on about their “blogs” while all you could do was smile and nod?

Yes, “blog” is a peculiar word, conjuring visions of mosquito-infested swamps, and you can’t imagine why people would be eager to get more visitors to theirs.

But eager they are. In spite of the rather unfortunate name, blogs are the hottest things in communication since cell phones. Blogs are websites on which almost anybody can post information on almost any top…

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