The Killer Truth

Truth is the Killer. The moment a truth is disclosed many friends, enemies, followers, haters move away because most of them have taken a role based on their illusions which are partially or completely irrelevant to the fact

Solitude is the pure friend of one’s inner self –

Humans, the most creative and imaginative creatures on earth are driven by their psychological state of mind. They hardly analyze the observed fact but are prone to create a virtual idea of his observations and act accordingly. However, this quality does separate them from the other living organisms on the planet.

They tend to become isolated when they grow up and become mature enough to look back on their previous actions and speculate. They readily discover that their friends and associates actually did not care about them but themselves so they came close. This is the time when they found out the true meaning of existence.

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I am a Geophysicist by profession and an enthusiastic writer as well.

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