Random life

Ocean is the life It’s still or it flows No one ever knows Try to swim fast, makes you tired Try to float, you might enjoy What it gives, takes all back It’s only the time that matters Sour it is always, if you taste it Sweet it is always, when remember it It’s a… Read More Random life

The lightning

Lightning struck the heart The scars broke it apart, The pain it felt turned into joy Only the light knew it why, The ice was caught fire It had its desire, It was melting down It lost its crown, Blood turned into white No one had the sight, The sky was rifted Taken all that… Read More The lightning

Peeling Off The Human Condition

FREE poetry eBook via Amazon   Don’t miss this special offer Valid Until Thursday, March 3rd   Enjoy!   Edge of Humanity Magazine eBook Series PRESENTS   Peeling Off The Human Condition: Poetry | The Hermit Poet.   In the eBook ‘Peeling Off The Human Condition’, ‘The Hermit Poet’ explores the daily life we all… FREE… Read More Peeling Off The Human Condition