Geophysical Parody

Let’s load the guns

Let us do some geophysics

Let it pop right in the hole

Let it shoot right at the spot

Let’s do some geophysics!

Le the CPMs to gather

Let’s make some real data

To interpret for ever!

Let’s get the CPT ready

Place it right & steady

Let’s pump it hard

And drop the curd!

No, we ain’t done yet

Let’s do some coring

Else it would be boring!

Let’s get the barrel down

With its crown

Let it go through the slit

Wait, then take it out!

(Many months later)

Measure the length & weight

Make sure it’s perfect!

Now you know how to it

How to shake mother earth right!

If you are a geophysicist

Read the meaning between the lines

Else you are a waste!

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