Thoughts from the sea

Societies where social development was hindered by the advent of foreign culture are struggling in terms of its individual member and their perception of liberty, independence and the sense of being social. Meaning of maturity, spirituality, loyalty, friendship, obligation of relationship have been misunderstood and redefined in a cruel and fake way. People are loyal… Read More Thoughts from the sea


Your KARMA is responsible for your happiness and sufferings. In Hinduism and Buddhism Karma is described as your actions in previous and or present life, which eventually decide your destiny. The spiritual text was so logical and physiologically right that we can apply it in our daily life. Your current actions decide where and what… Read More KARMA

What ! life !

A homeless, jobless, friendless Vagabond was looking for the answer to his question, what is life. He kept on moving from place to place and went on asking almost everyone who was crossing his path. his clumsy dress and wired appearance repelled people but still he never gave up. One day he met a vegetable… Read More What ! life !


Many times you face the most difficult times in your life just because you had chosen a wrong path long time ago. You may cry, why me, but alas, you were walking on the wrong path for a long time until you know it’s taking you to nowhere. Every flower you see seems to be… Read More Path

Don’t think Much

Don’t think much, ultimately you can’t change anything but youself. Do what you like, do what you love, do everything like you meant for it. There’s no better future than today that you thought day before.

How To Manage Stress The Healthy Way

It is a proven fact that as humans, we need a certain amount of stress in our life to live – good stress if you will, something researchers call eustress. With stress defined as “anything that affects our homeostasis” (the ability to maintain a relatively stable internal state that persists despite changes in the world… Read More How To Manage Stress The Healthy Way

The Girl With A Hidden Talent

Clutching her little notebook, she rushes onto the bus and scans her metro card. As she moves passing strangers, she finds an open seat and sits down next to the window. She opens her notebook and quickly scribbles her thoughts in her unique poetic way. Someone sits next to her and looks over to give… Read More The Girl With A Hidden Talent

Experimental miracles

Yes, we all want a life full of happiness, positivity, serenity, positive events and miracles. We do expect miracles in our lifetime especially if something dreadful, devastating or unexpected is taking place. We feel like everything is going out of our hands or simply feel helpless. “Genuine magicians have reliance on tricks, not magic.” Yeah,… Read More Experimental miracles