Do It Fast (DIF)

I can’t stop myself laughing while typing this post, Soon you’ll know why. Today I’ll tell you how to do things first. The topic is drying cloths. It was a busy day. I had to prepare my daughter for school. When ai tried to reach for her school uniform, I found it all washed but… Read More Do It Fast (DIF)

Eat yours first

Say, you are hungry and served with food. Now, situation is like there are others too sitting around with their own plate full of foods. If you are a person with good social and cultural background and also have manners then it is expected that you’ll eat from your plate, if the food isn’t sufficient… Read More Eat yours first

What ! life !

A homeless, jobless, friendless Vagabond was looking for the answer to his question, what is life. He kept on moving from place to place and went on asking almost everyone who was crossing his path. his clumsy dress and wired appearance repelled people but still he never gave up. One day he met a vegetable… Read More What ! life !

How Often to Change Hot Tub Water

Finally, it’s Saturday night, and you are all set to have a small barbecue in your backyard. You’ve made sure everything is organized, your backyard is clean, and then your eye goes to your hot tub, whose water you have been thinking of changing for the past three weeks. For those of you who thought…… Read More How Often to Change Hot Tub Water