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Discovering Authentic Love- The Path for Men

Every one of us is looking for an ideal partner, the person who fulfils our need to love and be loved. The problem is there are so many people who can pass the first-glance test that you can be looking your whole life and not know who to select. So how can you end up with an ideal partner who’ll love you with all her heart? This article leads the way.

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How Smoking Tricks Your Brain into Believing It’s a Stress Reliever

When you were a teenager, your friends maybe started smoking, and all of them want you to smoke with them. They make fun of you because you don’t want to smoke, and they’re generally giving you a hard time. Every day. Some kids resist, but others may cave in to peer pressure. They finally break down and start smoking.

When you do, here’s the process: Most people say that they smoke to release stress. Especially when they get really anxious or really wound up about some…

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Adult Autism: Growing Old with Autism

For many people adult autism is just the way of life. They have to endure living with this disorder, which can be very difficult because they can’t function as normal people can function. For some people, they have learned to accept this disorder and live with it, but what makes it really difficult for some is how those around them treat them and society in general. As a society, we should try our best to study and learn and understand what adult autism is and not just fo…

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Adult ADD/ADHD: Eat to Live

Being healthy isn’t easy, and if you have adult ADD, you may be skipping over this part entirely. You probably forget to eat meals and just grab whatever candy bar or fast-food snack is at hand. You need to remember one thing, though. If you don’t eat, you die. It’s as simple as that. So, even if you have to be led to the banquet table, you have to remember that healthy meals are not an option.
It’s not that hard to eat things that are good for you, even if you have adult …

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Are Narcissists addicted to being famous?

As far as their fans are concerned, celebrities fulfil two emotional functions: they provide a mythical narrative (a story that the fan can follow and identify with) and they function as blank screens onto which the fans project their dreams, hopes, fears, plans, values, and desires (wish fulfilment).

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Effects Of Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis is a plant that we commonly call marijuana, ganja in herbal form or hashish in resinous form. It has been commonly used way back prehistoric times. However, its use became prevalent in the 20th century when cannabis was utilized for religious, spiritual, medicinal and even recreational purposes. It was then that its possession, use or sale was prohibited. To date, the use of cannabis for drug use or cannabis addiction remains illegal all throughout the most parts of …

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What are you thinking

The key to understand an adult’s behavioral trend is to go back to his childhood and look into his upbringing environment and circumstances. Surrounding plays a major role in child development. Any restriction or hindrance cause a child to adjust with the environment and modify its mental growth and thinking pattern. This patterns later affect the and guide the child in his adulthood.

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