Monday Blues

photo of a turtle swimming underwater

I loved once

And screwed manies,

I lived my life;

Spilled all my pennies!

I dived into the ocean

Touched the bottom,

I found a shell;

But there was no gem!

I went in woods

Hoped to find some food;

Looked at all the branches

There was no fruit!

I dug the ground

When I felt thirsty;

I caught a flow; but

It wasn’t tasty!

I felt little horny

Went to see mate;

I found a lot

Who were full of hate!

I felt sleepy,

Got a sweet dream;

Wished to see the end; but

The dawn pulled the curtain!

I realized wht life is

Got confused – to live or to die;

I changed my point of view

Then the world felt shy!

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