If you are beautiful!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is an old saying. If you are beautiful in your mind then you see everything beautiful.

A freeman always wish everyone be free. An artist see the excellence in every part of imperfections. A criminal is always cautious as he thinks everybody else is no different.

We all want to see things the way we are. That’s called expectation. We expect because we don’t have it all. Nothing is perfect, no thing is complete. We are all unique pieces of imperfections. Expression is the manifestation of our expectations, sometimes through words. What we say carries what we are trying to achieve for ourselves but not gained yet; so we are wishing it to occur in our surroundings, sometimes in other people, sometimes in some objects. That’s the quest for the food of our inner self. Thus our hunger made us what we are, how we behave. So our behaviour and attitude and its expression is the reflection of our imperfections. Like said, imperfections are beautiful, so we observe the beauty like an artist. An artist admire a beauty. And if you are already beautiful inside or outside or both then you are a piece of art, who isn’t!

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