Ability to Play & Ability to Work

Is the characteristic of the psychologically healthy beings. Our daily life is full of surprises and shocking incidents. A healthy person should be able to face all the sides of life. However it is not always possible for someone to fully discard the effects of one incident or chain of incidents in his or her immediate future behaviour. Keeping things at an optimum level is what we need. There are some ways to reset one’s mind temporarily like physical excercise, spending time alone, talking to yourself, practicing hobbies, sleeping. Engagement of mind and body is essential.

Another dimension needs to be looked at is to identify which one is Play and which one Work. Confusion and conflicts do prevail when one party doesn’t really aware of what the other party’s understanding about Play and Work. This kind of situation may occur when there is a communication gap or differences in cultural background which actually provide the foundation of our thought processes.



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