Socialization happens through participation in any activity that benifit the society or personal development of any individual or group. In such process a person or group demonstrate their abilities, express their views and create tolerance for varieties of opposite characteristics of others.

We are not born social one needs to learn it and practice it in practical life but not for projecting ones personal qualities onto others One must not be motivated for socialization to get benifits into personal or professional goal

Acceptance, fearlessness, tolerance, ability to learn, ability to practice what is right are not only talk about but to practice them in practical daily life. We all human beings are a type specimen at individual level. Everyone has a different story that actually have moulded their mind and thought process which eventually have developed their unique personality. Therefore imposing one’s opinion on others or force others to accept something or to spread hatred for there’s conflict will only reinforce the differences among us.

Socialization is a tool that can help us to stay together with all the odds. Thus activities, programs those are beneficial for many or society must be practiced by people who are interested into the particular means of socialization.

For children in school or outside, they can participate in sports activities; adults can participate in sports or adopt hobbies. By going into an activity we can minimise the posible conflicts that may rise due the individual differences, as every activity has a goal, so we can keep our self ego away and work for the goal in a defined and time refined way.

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