What are you thinking

Many times we come cross people who we know already and get surprised by their radical behaviour. Human psychology is quite complicated. Social development over thousands of years has forced our thought process to become more complicated than that of other surviving species on the planet. We grow up in a society and fight to survive within it. Constantly our brain is taking inputs from every single person we meet in daily life. Those passersby leave immense impact on our thought process and our actions in future. Starting from childhood to adolescence to adulthood we are continuously learning from surroundings and changing ourselves as per requirement to get to personal goals.

In the childhood to adolescence we build our roots. It’s like development of a formula or a template in terms of our behavioral pattern and thought process. In the next stage, the adulthood, our actions are congruous with the previously developed template behaviour. When we become adult, we develop our professional skills and social skills but only those are necessary for us in a particular situation. So the template behaviour can be imagined like pots with different shapes and any other acquired behavioral traits can be seen as water in the pot.

Childhood is very important to develop one’s personality. How we were treated, how we had behaved in our childhood will form an idea in our mind what we may expect from others in our adulthood. Any deviation from that expectation shall cause a stressful condition.

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