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The Shadow

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It is 03:35am in the morning. I got up from sleep realizing I had a bad dream; my body was shivering and full of sweat.

“I was walking in a desert. There were bushes and shrubs grown here and there. Little lizards and snakes were roaming between them looking for preys. Then the intensity of the vegetation increased, I did not realize when I entered a nourished fertile land. It was full of beautiful flowering plants, trees, canopies, orchids, there were no sign of cactus though. The journey had turned into a comfortable life. Suddenly I found someone is walking behind me, then the shadow reached beside me, it looked at me, smiled, I smiled back. we became friend. Then we decided to climb up a hill, we did, we made tent, made fire, had food together, spent good time.

Time passed by, I grew old, but the shadow was still the same. There was no change. I felt that our friendship is no longer the same as it was before. With age, my expectations and point of view to direct my journey of life experienced a diversion, and it did not match up with that of the shadow. The shadow was beautiful and attractive, it could easily elude anyone in no time with its charm.

One day the shadow decided to climb up a fierce and deadly mountain. It tried to convince me, but I could not agree. The shadow was not happy with me. So, the shadow decided to leave me and let me go wherever I wanted to go.

I took my different path and chose not to climb on deadly and risky cliffs, those were unreliable, I needed stability. I walked away and saw from a distance that the shadow was climbing slowing or maybe it was my illusion that I could not realize the speed; it was travelling much faster than I could try. I gave up looking at the shadow. I was expecting the shadow would at least turn and look at the old friend, but it did not. Gradually I had no option but realize that the shadow in the very first time was not walking beside me. It was travelling with its own speed; it was mere a coincidence that it passed by be. Our speed matched up for some time. the shadow always had a different goal and vision which was completely different than that of mine.

Alone I was walking down the hill. It was not only me who was travelling alone. There are so many like me around. And they all had a shadow who walked with them for some times. Those people told me there are some people exist who walked with the shadow all their lives. They believed that the shadows know magic. They can easily hypnotize and make them walk with it. “

Then suddenly my eyes got opened and found myself lying on the bed alone. I still do not know whether that shadow really exist, or it was just a dream.

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