The Goddess

He never could escape her. He loves her from the very deep core of his heart. His entire entity relies on her. She was his GODDess. His emotional, physical, psychological, idiological expression, and it’s demonstration, it’s whole inspiration were sourced from her. She was the black hole of his universe. She attracts every particle that constitutes him. His movements were energised by her influence. Her GODness was so evident in him that no moment he spent without her thoughts. He was happy because of her, he was sad because of her, he stood silent when she moved, he uttered words when she looked away. He could not open his eyes without her sight. He lives in her. She forms his world.

The eternal love has found its nest where it could live forever. The bond was so strong that death can not make it weaker. It never dwelled in their body. It was the energy that they carried in a most unrecognisable manner, noone can see it, noone can sense it. One can only feel the presence of it in the surrounding.

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