The Floral Heart ♠

You are the love that came without warning,

And before i knew it,

I was falling in love with you.

My love happens unintentionally in a single flashing moment.

It is not love at first sight.

It is about the best kind of chemistry between two people when they meet.

My nights pass somewhere and mornings elsewhere.

This feeling in my heart keeps on increasing, it will surely render me crazy.

How did you become so essential to me.

You will imagine all the things ,that you will do one day,

For that person you will bleed, for that person you’ll pray.

In the direction where your breaths move,

I wish i’ll stay there for my entire life.

I fall in love with the most unexpected person,

And he is the most beautiful thing i keep inside my heart.

The first time I saw you I knew you’d be mine,

I fall in love with the same person everyday.

But it is not love at first sight,

For me it is love at every single sight.

I wish we stay the same, this much in love this much close,

I wish to kiss your all tears , before in your eyes they froze.

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