Jobs in Alternative Energy Fields

Purpose & opportunity Many people who take jobs in alternative energy research and development sector have to, at least in the beginning, take relatively low pay. Taking a job in this industry is thus not about—or, not predominantly about—making money, although that is needless to say important, as one who is not well-fed soon becomes… Read More Jobs in Alternative Energy Fields

Who is lonely

When you find no place to go, When you see no friend to turn to, When you find yourself alone, When you see all hopes have long gone, The stars shine upon you, It gives a clue to you, All that was gone, not meant for you, All that you wish will be for you!… Read More Who is lonely

The Wealthy | Society’s Waste Of Opportunity

Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema   Flaunting is part of human nature.  People today can publicly share with the world their exotic vacations, the purchase of a brand new car, or being offered that great job in detail with images, text, and chats The rich of the past had composure; they frequented… The… Read More The Wealthy | Society’s Waste Of Opportunity