Nothing lasts

A bud once appeared, It blossomed and spread fragrance, It would be withered; A star once shone up in the high, It emitted light, It would burn into ashes in the sky; A river started flowing from a glacier, It nourished lives on its way, Would meet the ocean and stop flowing ever; Sense of… Read More Nothing lasts

My wish

I keep mum doesn’t mean I don’t know the answer! I stand beside you doesn’t mean I share your views! I love you doesn’t mean I like all about you! I live with you doesn’t mean I have no other place to go!

Dear Dog

We all love our pet dogs, while we know that they’ll die sooner than we do. Back in our mind we think once he’s gone we’ll keep another one and raise him good. We also have plenty of expectations from our pets, however poor training and treatment sometimes become the obstacle to achieve the goal.… Read More Dear Dog

The Goddess

Finding true love is the most impossible task. Love is a feeling. A sense that accepts your selflessness. The joy of love lies in giving up everything you may have for one you love. … Read More The Goddess

Unstoppable Love

Two love birds, they were pigeon, spotted on a survey vessel. From their look it was evident that they weren’t getting food properly. May be starving. Pigeons can’t rest on water or dive into it to collect food. May be, they don’t even eat fish, seems vegetarian. Anyway, those two were looking at each other,… Read More Unstoppable Love


Loving someone selflessly is really a crazy thing to do. It cannot last long. If it doesn’t get reciprocated, the feelings go away gradually. However, loving someone and spending years with him or her does create a dependable relationship which is hard to tear apart even if the need or the situation appears. Opposite genders… Read More Love

Mile na Mile

Teri Machalti kadmon ne Majboor Kiya, pichha kiya, Tujhe malum tha, main hoon pichhe Balon ka suljhana to bahana tha Mujhe isharese bulana jo tha, Tera chal aur kapdeka haal Kar diyal dilko ghayal, Jana tha tujhe kahin Magar pouch gayi aur kahin, Kho gaya nishana tab Kiska karun pichha ab, Sab kuchh  chala gaya… Read More Mile na Mile

Who is Your Enemy

Every person is an unique individual loaded with their own perception of love, hatred, anger, jealousy, revange , enmity and who knows, many more, may be we haven’t yet invented a word for. Doesn’t really matter what kind of relationship you are in, the person living close to you knows you better if not best.… Read More Who is Your Enemy

Will You stay?

He catches my downcast gaze and whispers, “I promise you, I won’t leave you.” I look away and wrap my arms around my knees. “I don’t believe you.” “I love you!” He says passionately. “Isn’t that enough?” “You’ll leave me.” I fly from him, leaving him to wonder what goes on inside of my fickle… Read More Will You stay?