Social fabric

Economic liberty is certainly giving power to women. Women are able to prove their abilities in all fields. This is already an established fact specially in third world countries. However, this major change do that always compatible with the century old social structure. Settings a new trend could be amusing but they must pay the price which men have been paying since long time ago.

Understanding gender equality isn’t easy for all. Some live in the illusion that economic liberty can make the difference null which isn’t true. When we talk about gender equality one must understand it is about the legal and social rights. Physical capabilities, mentalities and psychological trend to look at any problem will always be different and thus we men and women are always able fundamentally within the old prescribed gender specific functions. Other animal world is a great example to demonstrate this claim.

In every culture in every country the society is formed with the foundation of family. To understand the nature of any society, it is necessary to look into the fabric of unit family. Relationships and it’s obligations make a family work. There’s always a hierarchy in any system to function.

Present day changes in economic abilities of women made several developments in third world countries which definitely do not conform with it’s cultural and social fabric. Every change is painful. And one must adjust with the new developments to survive.

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