Vanguard Binocular VEO ED 1042 I Composite Carbon Fibre Material, ED Glasses, 100% Waterproof and Fog Proof I Neck Strap I Soft Bag, Black

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About this item High 10x magnification brings distant subjects in for close viewing and identification 42mm objective lenses gather the light needed to ensure views remain bright and clear even in challenging light conditions Closed bridge configuration offers a stable platform for the internal focusing mechanism Integrated 1/4″-20 socket on front of center hinge enables tripod mounting with optional adapter for hands-free use to eliminate vibrations and arm fatigue Large slip-resistant center focus wheel is easy to manipulate in cold or wet conditions or when wearing gloves
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‎VEO ED 1042

Product Dimensions

‎14.6 x 12.4 x 5.4 cm; 640.7 Grams

Item model number

‎VEO ED 1042

Mounting Hardware

‎Veo ED 1042

Number Of Items


Magnification Maximum

‎10 x

Optical Zoom

‎10 x

Batteries Included


Batteries Required



‎Carbon Fiber

Lens Type

‎Objective Lens, ED Lens

Real Angle Of View

‎6 Degrees

Country of Origin


Item Weight

‎640 g



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#178,538 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #206 in Binoculars

Date First Available

9 November 2020


Nikita Distributors Address :- "Fl No.1B, Green Terrace Condominium, Plot No.410/2, Near Vidyut Nagar, Lane No.5, South Koregaon Park, Pune – 411001. Maharashtra, India." Email ID:- Tele phone num :- 18002668571


Nikita Distributors Address :- "Fl No.1B, Green Terrace Condominium, Plot No.410/2, Near Vidyut Nagar, Lane No.5, South Koregaon Park, Pune – 411001. Maharashtra, India." Email ID:- Tele phone num :- 18002668571

Item Dimensions LxWxH

14.6 x 12.4 x 5.4 Centimeters

Net Quantity

1 Piece

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10 thoughts on “Vanguard Binocular VEO ED 1042 I Composite Carbon Fibre Material, ED Glasses, 100% Waterproof and Fog Proof I Neck Strap I Soft Bag, Black

  1. I live against a hill with quite a bit of wildlife. We have coyotes, squirrels, and hawk nests top a few very tall pine trees. I wanted these to better observe the wildlife, especially the hawks as they take flight and hover looking for prey.These are likely the best binoculars I have owned. The field of view is crisp and clear, and unlike past binoculars, the view doesn’t stutter and shake. I can easily acquire, zoom in and observe wildlife with great detail and clarity.They are also well constructed. The construction material feels like metal but per the description is a carbon composite. It feels great in my hands and has a solid, durable feel. The front dust covers loop over the front and stay attached when removed. The rear dust covers do not stay affixed so you will want to keep those in the case once removed. The case appears to be a neoprene material and does a great job protecting the binoculars.I’ve owned a lot of binoculars for casual use but these are the best so far. The quality of the imagery is impressive. You can find cheap binoculars anywhere but you they don’t last. My last pair broke during an Alaskan cruise. Not great timing. I expect these to outlive me.

  2. I got these specifically for checking out the moon etc. I tried to take a pic with my phone of what I can see, but that just doesnt work.> very easy to adjust. I have wacky vision, but these are super easy to bring into focus. You have to change the focus a lot for objects at different distances (this is to be expected), but this set is super easy to adjust to bring anything into focus. I am able to see the craters etc on the moon very well. If i shift to try and see anything else, I have to change focus, but this is easy and works very well! I am not a ‘bird watcher’ or anything, but I have watched my tiny dog, very far away in a field. Works great – very easy to see details (as expected).> Feels very well made. All parts feel high quality and everything is certainly smooth. It comes with a nice strap and case. Both eye pieces have protection when not in use.OVERALL – this is exactly as expected. Very well made and will last a lifetime. I look forward to many years of looking at the moon from my back yard with them 🙂

  3. Es un binicular liviano y la vision que da es muy clara.. estoy muy contento con ellos.. !!!

  4. This is the first pair of roof prism binoculars at an attainable price point that impresses me.So here’s everything I liked about them:Crisp, clear field of view with sharp focus from the center to the edge. *Most important!*Focus adjustment is smooth and precise.Twist-up eye cups.Good light gathering for the objective size and magnification.The rubber molded coating is comfortable to hold and resilient so as to protect from occasional knocks and bumps.The objective lens caps are tethered to the body so they won’t get lost.The rain shield /ocular lens cap is one piece and has loops for attachment to the neck strap.The neck strap itself is soft neoprene and has plastic quick release buckles on both sides to allow you to quickly remove it.There is a removable cap at the front of the hinge to allow a tripod mounting adapter.The diopter adjustment has enough range for my aging eyes.The padded neoprene case has a carry strap and zipper closure, which is nicer than the typical hook and loop flap closures on cheaper binoculars.Things I didn’t like:The Vanguard logo badge on the top of the housing can be moved with light finger pressure. It may come unglued. (Just a cosmetic issue, won’t affect performance.)Eye relief is not optimal with the eye cups fully extended, but it is sufficient with eye cups extended halfway.Eye cups do not have a positive, easily identifiable detent or “stop” position in the middle of their travel.Shallow depth of field. (Or shallow focal plane, however you prefer to describe it.)Obviously these binoculars are leaning “positive”, at least as far as my observations. Roof prism binoculars always seem to be a compromise between light gathering, eye relief and size. They are more compact than porro prism binoculars. But similarly sized porro prism binoculars tend to have better eye relief and light gathering ability, in my experience.By “eye relief” I mean that in order to see the entire field of view comfortably (for my eyes), the eye cups can’t be extended out to the fully open position. It does feel like there is a center position for them, but it is subtle and easy to twist right past it if you aren’t paying attention. Still not a deal breaker by any stretch, just that I wish there was a tactile “click” in the center of the eye cup travel.The diopter adjustment was easy and worked well to equalize focus across both of my eyes, with some travel left over in case my vision gets worse.Focusing was smooth and easy, but still firm enough to stay put, but you will notice that the depth of field or focal plane is a little on the shallow side, meaning that you will need to refocus a little more often as objects move closer or farther away. It’s also not a big deal, and most people might not even notice this in actual use.Overall, I really like this pair of binoculars. The performance is good, the image quality and focus edge to edge is great. They look good and feel good to use. But I have used (physically larger porro prism style) binoculars costing pretty close to half as much that had equivalent image quality. I suppose that’s not really a fair comparison because the two binoculars used a different optical formula and were quite different in size, with this pair being much more compact. But both had generally great optical performance. With this pair you pay more for the compact size, and higher quality accessories like the strap, case, and lens caps/rain shield. While the accessories don’t really affect the performance of the binoculars themselves, the do affect your use and enjoyment of them, and having nicer accessories like these does add value.I think they are appropriately priced for the build quality, optical quality and included accessories, particularly if compact size is an important attribute for your application.

  5. These are very nice binoculars – especially at this price point. Built with obvious quality, there are features you will appreciate that you usually see only with higher priced models. Nice field of view, really sharp images, with a very accurate focus especially when bird watching and the like without a lot of other things to “confuse” the zoom and focus.I will return to this review after I can get out and about more (post-Covid) and get into some nearby wilderness areas and wildlife preserves. Just with basic neighborhood use, I’m extremely impressed and excited about the potential of these. Quality, features, and a nice price should make this Vanguard a winner. Not much to dislike from here, but I’ll revisit this review after using in some heavily forested areas. Recommended.

  6. These binoculars are made extremely well, built out of a nice light high grade plastic which is really really sturdy and the quality of the glass is amazing is extremely clear, I would say they’re definitely worth the price they’re asking for them. I’ve wanted a nice pair of binoculars for quite a while, living near the mountains I tend to use them to look at wildlife and I’ll probably use in the future when I go on my next hike. Overall if for whatever reason you need a nice medium sized set of binoculars I would seriously consider these.

  7. My family and I were headed for Yellowstone. I already had a nice pair of binoculars but wanted a second one when we all wanted to look at stuff closer. I originally thought these would be the “weaker” pair, but I was pleasantly surprised when these worked just as good as the ones that cost much more.Looking through is very nice and clear. These are a bit smaller than my other pair so sometimes I had to shift it around to get a perfect look through them, a problem I didn’t have with the other pair, but that’s the price you pay when you have a big head like mine. 🙂 Still, I was really happy with how these turned out.

  8. A very fine looking binocular. Comes with a nice soft case and strap. Optics are very good, even when using with my prescription eyeglasses. Also includes a small microfiber cleaning cloth. The unit is what I would call a medium size, and rather heavy, although this seems to help me to hold steady. All told, they appear to be good quality. Perfect for checking out our local eagle nest.

  9. The media could not be loaded.  Nice pair of binoculars. coatings seem to work well image clarity is excellent. nice smooth focus adjustment.Decent maginification without being so much you can’t hold them steady. good compromise.not too heavy and they don’t feel cheap. nice and compact. good case though I don’t like the clip. that is a failure point. I will be wrapping that for security.eyeball focal plane is a little finicky. ie your eye needs to be in just the right spot but once you get it not hard to hold it.Finish looks and feels nice on the body itself. caps for all covers.I am happy with them and will put them to good use.

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