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10 thoughts on “The Girl I Met That Night Chauhan, Zahir Books

  1. The plot of the book is based on a contemporary and romance genre. The author has penned down a fictional world where the plot is based on the characters named Kabir and Anamika.Kabir is an young mind who works hard to achieve whatever he has dreamt of in his life and simultaneously we have Anamika who has a fun-loving and free soul personality . Both the characters belonged to different types of personalities yet both come across eachother and the tale begins. The author has layered neatly with detailed characters and penned down a beautiful tale in the book. This is a fictional plot with an amazing blend of romance and emotional content in it. The characters are well potraited and each has been given sufficient scope to contribute to the plot. The book follows the tale of the lead characters meeting and getting to know about their background. But are they eachother’s comfort zone?The plot mainly focuses on the bond of the the lead characters and their background. It’s a well paced plot. The language used is lucid. The narration of the book is kept simple and easy making it a good read for all the readers.

  2. The plot of the book is based on a beautiful blend of different genres like contemporary, romance and a reflection of life too. The plot is mainly focused on the characters named Kabir and Anamika. Kabir is hard working and determinate man who is focused to his job. He is successful yet wants to be succeed more in his life. Anamika has her own past to deal yet she is trying to live her life on her own terms. She loves to live freely.The author has penned down a plot with these two lead characters. The characters met by chance and both felt ifs impact on their life in their own perspective. The characters are being well potraited and each character development is in detail, thus the reader can easily connect with them. The emotional content isn’t compromise anywhere in the plot.Both the character had their own stories to tell and their meeting too. But will this meeting continue or will it be a memory only?The writer has used lucid language in the book. It’s a well paced plot with a good and easy narration. It’s one of light yet beautiful read.

  3. ⭐Kabir who is extremely success in his life had all the reasons to be happy, but without Anamika he is nothing. She had a tragic past. On a fateful night, they both met and shared their stories. Anamika agrees to share about her only on a condition that they don’t meet ever again. Kabir was not sure whether its the end of their story or the beginning. After a year, Kabir meets Anamika again, they spent a good quality time. Unfortunately, she’s gone, left him with a letter saying don’t look for me. Both of them are meant to be and destiny ensured their togetherness.⭐In search of his mysterious girl, Kabir found his answers to his destiny and the definition of true love.⭐In this book, we get to know how to breathe in life from Anamika’s point of view. Breathing life is nothing but finding true happiness and celebrating little joys of our life. Breathing in life is nothing but smiling without a reason by keeping the worries away anfmd trusting our dear ones.⭐There are some books that makes us desire for travelling and in this book you will get the craving more with the mention of Ladakh, Manali and trekking. I loved it.💕I would recommend this book to those who wish for a refreshing read. The simple narration will make it engaging and good.

  4. ‘The girl I met that night’ narrates the tale of Kabir and Anamika.Both being strangers meet at a cafe unexpectedly and on a usual conversation forms a bond which leads to unfolding of Anamika’s fact on a condition.The way protagonist meet is vowen is impressive.The character of Anamika maintains a mystery for a long time.In this story, Anamika seems fictional but the characters of Kabir feels real in most of the times.His passion, his desire to go ahead in life, his way of approach impressed the readers and many of them can connect with him.Not only the story has a good beginning, but the Author has written in such a way that readers can not loose interest even for a second.This book would surely give sleepless nights if we pick this as a bedtime read.Anamika just like her name adds suspense to the story.As this book is blended with love, it suits perfectly to the need of romantic genre lovers.The writing is flawless.The cover design could have been better.The book has more to offer but the cover doesn’t bring it out.Overall this book is a good read and a perfect pick for weekend.

  5. This story is about a confident, independent and handsome Kabir Shergill and his mystery girl Anamika. One stormy night on the landslide blocked road in Darjeeling Kabir finds a beautiful girl drowning in a novel forgetting the world around her, this attracts him and he tries talking to her. Anamika – “I don’t like to be questioned”Kabir – “And I like to find the answers to everything going around me”Their story behind with these words. They share a small conversing after which they take different directions. Kabir keeps searching Anamika and after a year they meet accidentally again. Kabir finds himself lost after this second meeting, he takes a break saying Anamika’s words – I’m going somewhere to connect with myself and can breathe in life once again.Will Kabir be able to reach his Anamika?After a very long time I enjoyed a love story, this mysterious tale is pure love at least for me. Just like Kabir I also fell in love with Anamika after the very first meeting. The story holds an innocent charm which is fabulous like some old exotic perfume. My best moment in this story is the way author portrayed Anamika lost in a story on the little roadside restaurant, with these words I fell for the author. I picked this book because the cover page attracted me and I found the title charming, but now I will say there is a magical beauty in this story which I will happily cherish.

  6. “Don’t give up,Kabir! Get up…get up!”Kabir undertakes a long journey to reach Ladakh’s largest monastery.Kabir is a hard working MBA pass professional. He meets Anamika who is a fun-loving and free spirited person.But Anamika has lost faith in love from a childhood incident. Can she trust again on love?When they meet at a restaurant,Kabir instantly falls in love with her. Destiny has paved the way for Kabir to meet Anamika as his return journey to Mumbai from Darjeeling is halted.The storyline is an engaging and enjoyable one. I enjoyed the prologue where Kabir is looking for Anamika in a Monastery. It becomes relatable when the author uses real life incidents.The book delves into the characterisation of the protagonists. But I felt a lack of emotions in portraying the incidents. Overall the book is written very well.Where will they reach by the virtue of destiny? Can love heal the scars of their life?What makes Anamika leave Kabir as soon as she opens her life story to him?Can Kabir find her again to confess his love?I liked the pivotal characters very much. Scenic beauty across the book is of worth reading.As a contemporary romantic story, I liked the narrative of the story. The cover is also very nice.I recommend it to all.

  7. The cover page and the title of the book well illustrate the story frame. ‘The Girl I Met That Night’ this title is so gripping. This novel is all about a youngster whose life has been changed one night with the meeting of a puzzling girl.The protagonist Kabir is a goal-oriented and successful guy and Anamika has lost herself. She has almost lost all of her odds on her existence. Both of them met in one day night. She shared her susceptible story with him along with a condition that she wouldn’t meet hereafter. Kabir tries to console her from her drastic past. But she has not interested in it. This night disturbed Kabir inadequately. Destiny plays with them. Once again fate tends to meet each other. All of a sudden she has vanished. Kabir has left in grief.What is mystery resides in Anamika’s life?Did Kabir find?What is the contradiction that happens in both life? is a moving story.Language is rational. The plot construction grips the characters nature beautifully. The characteristic of the major role is strong enough to fight with destiny. Overall, this is a vigorous love story.

  8. Book – The Girl I Met That NightFormat- paperbackRating- 5/5Main protogints of the story are Kabir and Anamika.Kabir is an intellectual who was doing smart work for the company. He is really creative enough .Where as Anamika was heart broken girl who was always thinking about her past .How does Anamika and Kabir meet?So what’s the flashback behind them?Coming to Kabir flashback 15 months ago in Darjeeling.One night he met a girl at a chai and momo stall. That girl is none other than Anamika . As both became friends conversation started , in the middle of the conversation he came to know that she was there to spend some time in monastery .And the story contains sudden dissapearance of her.Will Kabir and Anamika meet again?What was the condition kept my Anamika ?What’s the past of Anamika ?These all questions raised in my mind after reading the book.The book is really interesting.I really enjoyed myself while reading book.The cover page is spectacular. Title is intriguing. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.Happy reading

  9. There are some people whom we may be acquainted with or be in their company for a long time, yet there is no connection or relatedness with them whatsoever. And then there are some with whom we can have just one encounter or one conversation and that meeting is so compelling that it leaves a lasting imprint on us.Our main protagonist, Kabir, from the book, ‘The Girl I Met That Night’ by Zahir Chauhan feels the exact way when he meets the female lead, Anamika and has such an alignment and pull towards her that goes beyond just mere attraction.After hearing about Anamika’s story, Kabir instantly feels a familiarity towards her, making him comfortable in her presence and drawn towards her. However, he is left completely heartbroken when she just vanishes on him, without giving him any hint or clue about whereabouts.Now, the question remains on whether what Kabir felt towards Anamika was a case of unrequited feelings and she ghosted him or if there is something deeper going on than what meets the eyes remains to be seen and is the entire narrative of the story.My Thoughts on Hero:Kabir was a hero that most of this generation can resonate with. He was hard working, ambitious and has a certain charm to him that comes across with the way he tried to woo the heroine.My Thoughts on Heroine:Anamika was a character that had an aura, a certain air of mystery surrounding her that makes us want to know more about her. Reading about her story was heartbreaking and devastating at the same time.The author has done an excellent job of woving a love story that transcends all the external forces that would try and keep two lovers apart and shows just how powerful love can be, hence I am going to give this book FIVE LOVE STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  10. “The Girl I Met That Night,” written by Zahir Chauhan, is a heartwarming book that has become so close to me. It is the first book that I am reviewing this year and, also, the first 5 stars read of the year. I do share a special bond with the books in the contemporary genre. I don’t have any specific reason for loving every contemporary book, that I read but to be honest, there is always a different vibe whenever I read them. Thus, I love reading them..Well, here we get into the book review officially. This book is about two beautiful souls named Kabir and Anamika, who are up to live their life to the fullest. They met in a restaurant on one glorious night. They are up for something they have no control off. They had decided to share their life stories but on one condition – that they wouldn’t meet ever again in their life, which is completely out of their control and is in the hands of destiny. But Kabir thought that they might meet soon because he had a great vibe with her. The story leaves you at a cliffhanger for some time where the reader goes through a lot of confusion about whether they will meet or not. But what role does destiny makes here? Life doesn’t want it to be led smoothly by the people it wants the people o bear all the joys and sorrows equally. So does destiny changes the story completely is the question that stays in the reader’s might till the end of the book. Guys, the ending is too good, aww!.Everything about this book is damn perfect. Let it be the writing, plot, character development, language used in the book, and what not. Wanna read a cozy heart warming book this winter? Damn, pick the book without any second thought.

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