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Notion Press; 1st edition (6 July 2021)

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10 thoughts on “FARTHER A Fabulous Tale of a Troubled Father Chaitanya Desale: Amazon.in: Books

  1. “You’re nice father, I’ll never go farther from you,” mumbled Ruhi.Manbir was leading a happy life with his Nivia wife and daughter Ruhi but perhaps that’s not the way things were written in their life for ever. Nivia had left for heaven due to a severe asthma attack and since they had got married against their parents wishes there was no one or take care of Ruhi. wishes Manbir had no support to take care of his daughter. He struggled to prove himself to be the best father to his growing daughter at the same time he wanted to build his dream robot one day.It’s a very moving book about a father’s fight to find her daughter and prove his unending love to her. Fantastic beginning, very gripping and a happy ending. It had me in tears at one point of time.A very nice and intriguing work by author Chaitanya Desale. Keep up the good work.

  2. “A person should always find an alternative for himself; life is short, he shouldn’t waste his time doing unnecessary things. Instead, he should innovate and find another way to do those unnecessary things. You know, necessity is the mother of invention,” I basically stepped on a landmine here. You see I’m scared of single parent topic, with a dead wife and all these Bot thing.Not only did the subject matter NOT bother me at all, but it actually blew me away. I loved every word and adored every character: Manbir chaudhari’s crankiness, Ruhi’s innocence and fragileness and her bond with her father, Danny’s annoyance, I hate him the most. Manbir, Our Protagonist is a robotic engineer and he is working for a company named “The New Era Robotics”. He is always busy at work. His motto is not about earning money, it is to develop India’s first AI Robot. He lost his wife Nivia to a car accident. After this his work life become his burden, which put him in a situation where he trouble handling his work as well as his daughter’s need. The author clearly kept a lot of twist and turns in this book, which made it a page turner. There is a lot of emotions in it. I appreciate the author for taking in “ROBOTICS” a gravitating topic as the main concept. I don’t want to spoil more. It took me longer than usual to read this book but not for the reasons you might think. Let’s just say that reading this book can be compared to eating the world’s finest chocolate bar. Imagine that you are enjoying a (chocolate bar) book so much that you don’t want it to ever end. To your horror, you suddenly realize it will soon be over. If you haven’t tried this book yet, I highly recommend doing it soon. The truth is, however Chaitanya Desale is an amazing character developer and unique story teller.The best part of the book was that everyone had flaws and bad things happen, but in the end, good things also happen.

  3. The book ” Farther : A Fabulous Tale Of A Troubled Father ” is written by Chaitanya Desale . The book is very well written and the author has come up with a very different concept . The story of the book is very sensible and the narration is lucid . The storyline is very simple yet beautiful . The story is about Manbir who is a robotics engineer . He developed a robot and give it the looks and behavioural pattern of his wife . He was left alone after the death of his wife . He was close to her and loved her . He also was very ambitious and she helped him in achieving his dreams . After she passed away , he was very dissappointed . Now he had all the responsibilities on his shoulders . The most of them was bringing up Ria , his daughter . She was small and was close to her mother . Now for this reason he made a robot because Manbir was afraid that what if he couldn’t control her after she knows that her mother is no more . He built a exact look-alike of her mother and even Ria got very comfortable with her with time . He was relieved for sometime but at the back of his mind he did know that one day she will know the truth and that will create distance between them . To know what happens you need to give this book a read . The book is very emotional and you will feel the human emotions the author has tried conveying to the readers . The title of the book is appropriate and catchy because it has a subtle nad hidden meaning . The author should be appraised for choosing such a simple yet precise cover for the book . The book is recommended to everyone.

  4. I can go on about this book but would say that you read it and experience it. Don’t go by the hefty size you won’t even realise when u ll be done with it. Loved the novel and the writing and everything about the book I think along with the book order some tissue boxes too

  5. The book focuses on the part of death, a emotional stage, sorrow and a man with ambition. When nothing goes well even the best part of our lives fail to stand string. Manbir and Nivia was leading a happy life but the other part was not good as their family blamed them for the inter-caste marriage they executed against their will. But they make things happen go week by staying farther from them.But, things turned upside down on Nivia died and Manbir on his dream to establish India first AI Robot. Manbir is not a father but also a mother now as now everything falls upon him to handle their little child Ruhi. The chapter named “Frowning Father” has my heart as I really became emotional as when Manbir recalled Nivia’s presence and their sweet moments . Will Manbir falter or able to carry his duties and dreams ?

  6. Often it is seen that Fathers don’t get as much credit as the mothers do. Surveys show that when a child is tasked with the activity of choosing between his or her parents, ninety percent of them will choose their mother.Just because the fathers are not as affectionate or outgoing as the mothers doesn’t make their love for their child any less. If need be, they can go to any amount of lengths to protect what is theirs.Farther: A Fabulous Tale of A Troubled Father by Chaitanya Desale is the kind of book which showcases the trials and tribulations that a father goes through and the challenges that he faces and circumstances he overcomes in order to give his daughter all the love and care that she deserves.Manbir and Nivia seem to be living their dream life, certainly having it all, with their sweet daughter Ruhi, however one freak incident is all that it took for their entire world to shatter and leave broken pieces behind its aftermath.The task of getting over this and mending their life now falls in the hands of Manbir, who now has the responsibility of navigating himself and his daughter of this mess.This book was heartbreaking, but at the same time awe inspiring considering the technological advancements that are showcased.I definitely did not expect the story to take the turn that it did, and I can say with guarantee that I haven’t read something like this before. I was quite pleasantly shocked and surprised. Hence I am going to give this FIVE FARTHER STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  7. Farther by Chaitanya DaaleThis is a very thoughtful story and will surely touch your heart . It is full of emotions , twist and turns . Manbir , a very caring father like every parent just wanted happiness for his daughter. He had a perfect life with his wife Nivia and little daughter Ruhi but everything changed after sudden demise of Nivia his love his wife . She was a very supportive girl and they loved each other a lot . After her death he was really broken and it was very difficult for him to manage both work and his daughter . He was a robotic engineer and to make things easy and better for his daughter he made a daughter that was totally identical to Nivia he also kept his wife’s death secret from his daughter . But when one day she came to know to about the truth she took a big step that you will surely find interesting to read in the book . Will everything be okay again? Will she understand him and forgive him?There is a lot in this book and I totally loved the story . Language used is simple and easy to understand and narration done is very well.Must read👍

  8. ” FARTHER : A Fabulous Tale of a Troubled Father” by Chaitanya Desale is a beauriful emotional story of a father’s troubles in life. The main protagonist is Manbir. He is a robotic engineer. He give more importance in his works and forgot his responsibilities towards his family. His wife Nivia is took the responsibility of their daughter Ruhi. But their happy life ended with the sudden death of Nivia. And when all options were lost, Manbir had to struggle to look after his daughter Ruhi, while continuing to work on his company projects. After Nivia’s death Manbir designs an AI-based robot and gives it Nivia’s characteristics. He did everything to protect his daughter. He didn’t tell her that her mom was dead because he fear that he will also lose his daughter.What happened if Ruhi find the truth?Is he able to be a great father for his motherless child? To know more read ” FARTHER : A Fabulous Tale of a Troubled Father”This is the heart touching story of a single parent who took care of his children. The author penned the fact of life and the life style of a cooperate society. The emotions and tragedy are written in this book is really amazing. Plot is interesting and relatable. Characterization is awesome and each one carries an important role in this book.After reading this story i can’t accept the fact that it is his first novel. Because it wrote such an amazing way. The book is a long read and that is no matter because it is interesting . The language used by the author is simple and easy to understand. I love the cover of this book and title is also attractive. overall a great mixture of romance and tragedy.

  9. “If you don’t share someone’s pain, you can never understand them.”The story is about a family of three namely,the couple Manbir and Nivia and their daughter Ruhi,due to intercaste marriage they’ve to stay away from their folks,Manbir is an exceptional robotics engineer who is currently working on this dream project of making country’s first AI robot,but in the meantime he failed to manage work and family side by side and as a result Nivia fades away to the netherworld.Down in the dumps,on his knees our Manbir was very devastated,since Nivia was his everything and whenever he was down,Nivia was always there to comfort him.But,now he has to take care of Ruhi as well as manage his project and being a single parent is hell of a task itself,so he decided he’d make the AI robot just like his late spouse,and he somehow made it happen! Ruhi got close to robo and all but when she found out the truth she ran away……Do you think Manbir did anything wrong? Will he be able to get Ruhi back?The story was very subtle and delightful ,the writing pattern was very simple and easily comprehensible,and I loved how the author inculcated contrasting things like robots and feelings in the book so effortlessly.Worth a shot!

  10. Everyone talks about single mothers but there are very few stories which talks about single fathers.An emotional read for me but definitely worth reading.The plot of the book is very nice and the story is nicely plotted.The language in which the author haa written the book is amazing!The narration of the story is great.I loved it!The cover and title of the book is apt.A story which contains everything!

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