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10 thoughts on “Buy Tell Me your Dreams Book Online at Low Prices in India | Tell Me your Dreams Reviews & Ratings

  1. This is one of the most amazing book i have ever read, even amazing is a word which can’t describe its par excellency. The book is too good. Moreover the packaging was good and original book was delivered to me within less than 24 hours.

  2. What started so quietly built up to a chilling crescendo..Phew..glad I picked this book.I have read several of his books…each one has a surprising plot…

  3. This book is pure love. If you start reading it, i bet you can’t leave it. One of sidney sheldon’s best. Love the story, the narration. And thanks amazon for this book.

  4. very interesting, finished in 4 days, you just cant stop thinking about what going to happen next. At a time you get pissed off , why the hell they are not arresting toni and alette but then next thing will left your mouth wide open.You dont get bored even at single point of time while reading it.

  5. I read the reviews of this book before buying it and most of them were like you couldn’t stay away from it for much long time. Have to say, the story really pulls you back to know what happens next. Some parts were quite predictable but that does not affect the eagerness to continue reading.

  6. Very good read and must read. We the readers are luckier than the authors for getting to read many great writings without worrying about writing one.

  7. If you are a Sheldon fan, you would probably know that ‘tell me your dreams’ is one of his best works. Have a look at all the appreciations it has received at platforms like goodreads and several others. Happy reading 🙂

  8. When I read the title of the book I did not even foresee what i would be reading about. This book is a lil slow in the middle but once the plot is set it keeps you hooked to know who committed the murders and what for. And the ending chapters are shocking. This book totally came as a shocker to me. Read something unexpected.

  9. this is my first Sidney Sheldon Book and probably one of the top 5 best books I have ever read till date …Donot think or search for anymore reviews as anything about this book could possibly be a spoiler ..i would say one shouldn’t miss this kind of a book (especially if he is a fan of Sheldon)Buy and own a happy reading !

  10. To write a thriller on MPD, 15 years back ,required exceptional talent. And that is what Sidney has done with thriller. Read it in a single sitting. Un-believable story line and as usual, un- expected climax. Loved reading this thriller. Highly recommended, if you are Sidney’s fan

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