She is a girl with dreams in her eyes

A hope to fly, to touch the sky.

Behind those eyes mysterily hide millions of feelings.

She is held by her own gravity.

Negativity is the enemy of her creativity.

She forgets where she puts her hair clips

But she remember every small thing about him.

She’s careless, but she cares about alot for him

She believes in kindness and the magic of fragrance,

She lives in the universe with comet and nebula,

And Dancing with the galaxies.

This little girl who once thought darkness was the home of demons,

Now the young girl can’t stop herself from

falling in love with the darkness.

This little girl who had nycotophobia

Now she’s suffering from nyctophilia.

She thinks a lot, but doesn’t speak to much,

Nobody listened to her when she had a lot to say.

But she’s a crazy story teller to her love.

She’s a good listener, she loves being philosophical.

She doesn’t need money, one day she earns enough for herself.

She doesn’t need social status, she knows her own value.

She doesn’t need expensive dinner, neither diamond nor gold,

She just needs one shoulder to cry on when life gets hard on her.

She’s poor and has nothing but a cup of black coffee with a little sugar,

She’s a believer, who loves the smell of books,

She’s a thinker, who loves to play guitar creating her own notes.

She’s not pretty but  has the ability to make others smile,

Even when she’s sad.

She is not anyone’s first priority, she is only an option.

When everyone has to make a choice between her and the other person,

No one will choose her first.

One day she will build a kingdom by her own desires.

She hates waiting for someone,

But she can wait for a lifetime.

At the end she sleeps alone with her dream!

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