My Dream Job: Nonsense Talk

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What’s your dream job?

My dream job is to become a truth teller. Let me explain it in more detail. I never wanted to become an anyone; I like my anonymity. Since childhood I have always tried to know the facts behind anything. If I saw anything, immediately I thought why it happened and why not the other way around, if anybody asked me something, I used to think why he was asking that, he could have asked me something else, but then why not. These why, why not and how always have troubled me. They created my world. Without the answer to those I can’t even breathe. Thus, every action of mine is so well justified to me that most of the time I struggle to fit myself in between two other people, because they never make sense to me at all. People gather and tell all fictitious stories which anyone can find out by the conflicts in it. I tried to be part of it but unfortunately, I couldn’t speak more than a few sentences. It was not that I don’t have anything to share or say but I realized my words will be as irrelevant as theirs.

Every time I faced someone; I knew they wanted to know something about me which I always have resisted. I want to share my self with others but only in return for theirs. I never felt answerable to other people just because they asked me a question out of their curiosity or to test me. Context is the fundamental fabric of any interaction; if anyone asks a question without a context and expects an answer then he or she is a fool of the first water. There will definitely be some spontaneous answers available to such questions but they wouldn’t be genuine or true. Because a question asked thoughtfully can only have the right answer if given thoughtfully. And it is mostly possible if the question is with a context, and if the answer is given after a pause. These current and above paragraphs are completely out of context and only written to express my inner self as a justification of why I am writing the last paragraph.

My Dream Job: Nonsense Talk -
My Dream Job: Nonsense Talk –

Above is the screengrab of the search result that appeared on the page. Phrases that we have to consider here are: ‘too good to be true’, ‘it is fun’, ‘exciting’, ‘rewarding’, ‘pays well’ and the most important and worst ‘The work is the kind of stuff you might be doing even if there was no money in it’. To everyone’s surprise again ‘they are not easy to find but worth pursuing’. It seems a Dream Job is like someone else’s girlfriend who for a change came to you on a date and having all kinds of fun. They are certainly worth pursuing, it is a good job for killing times.

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