Modern Gender Bias

Indian women, doesn’t matter how educated and independent, they still couldn’t come out of the state to treat themselves as an item in sexual entertainment. Earlier they used to be abused and today they are the abuser. Centuries long oppression and ignorance and male domination and gender specific treatment led them to walk on the lane of education and work outside home and independence have only made them the equal type of dominating character that once males used to be. However, no one would ever accept it as a fact because it has become a trend to accept women on his side as a symbol of modern society, of course nothing wrong in it. The problem is that is an illusion that females are walking along side male, they are moving way ahead.

We always speak about equality between male & female. Have we ever thought if we are really equal in all aspect! We must accept the fact that society has given equal legal rights to both male and female. There are differences and they are inevitable, otherwise there wouldn’t be two genders present on the earth. Women in India are replacing men at every possible level and field, leading to the situation when we shall call it a female dominating society. The situation is like either you rule or I rule. Earlier males used to dominate, today females dominate. Therefore we are actually not equalizing anything, only moving from one biasness to another.

Both male and female have their specific capabilities which can not be equalized. These capabilities include , physical, mental and behavioral. So, if we think we can make women or men do just anything, it would be wrong. Animal world can be a good example to understand human society and it’s hidden rules that we usually don’t think or talk about. Animals are mostly considered underdeveloped life form, inefficient compared to humans. However I differ in opinion. Todays living beings be it humans, animals or any plants that are existing on this planet, have acquired their present form through evolution. During the evolution process they have mastered the techniques to survive on this planet. Every animal including humans have their specific niche or envirenment where they can live with their specific needs, and thus they are equipped with certain skills. Skills can be efficient brain or limb or teeth or jaws or set of wings or fins, and or ability to survive into the water. By saying all these I try to equalise all these living species including human and justify their comparability to delineat the similairties or dissimiliraties in certain aspects like social framework and beharioral trend towards opposite genders.


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