Mann Maani (Hindi/English)

person sitting on mountain cliff

Mannmaani karte hai jo

Aham palte hai wo,

Dil rakhte hai lekin

Ehsas bechte hai wo,

Muskurato leti hai jarur

Magar phool khila nahi sakti hai wo,

Naadi jaisi bahti hai lekin

Pyaas bujha sakti nahi wo,

Saar uska jhukta nahi kabhi

Uchai ka andaaza mila nahi kabhi,

Usse paneka mann kiya bahut

Magar usse jitneka nahi tarika koi,

Pyaari wo hai magar

Pyaar jata sakti nahi kabhi!

The above poetry is in Hindi language, It is obvious that not all readers know Hindi, therefore, a translation of the above poetry into English is given below for readers those are enthusiast of poetry. The title was renamed to match with the content.

Dictator (English)

Those who do as they wish

Proud must they be inside,

Though a heart they carry

But they never feel sorry,

Smile’s on their face

Alas it has no essence,

They flow like a ravine

They cant fill your thirsty mind,

The ego has no end

There’s no way it can be spent,

They are pretty and cuddly

Ooho, you can’t take them, sadly,

They are lovely, fool

Know no way to make you full!

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