Loving someone selflessly is really a crazy thing to do. It cannot last long. If it doesn’t get reciprocated, the feelings go away gradually.

However, loving someone and spending years with him or her does create a dependable relationship which is hard to tear apart even if the need or the situation appears. Opposite genders adult love change its form and becomes intense friendship, which doesn’t readily demonstrate the visible signs of fresh adult love but can be experienced by care, empathy, sympathy, and tolerance. That’s how adult couples relationship matures. Sometimes, due to some psychological differences one may not feel the heat in the relationship and can think of changing partner, but there they would do the greatest mistake. Building a positive constructive adult relationship isn’t a child’s play, it takes time. You may always change your partner like current society encourages, but fact is, in that newly created relationship, you would miss the essence of mature love. You will not have a memory, sweet one. The foundation will be a betterness of the previous relationship which could have been restored into a beautiful lovely relationship. People do love to see others destruction, and feel happy that atleast their love life is safe.

After having a semi-successful love life I can tell you, loving someone is the worst thing one can do to himself. And also, like I used to understand that women really don’t love anyone, they only need someone, even now after approximately 12 years, my mind again got engulfed by the same thought. No one can save me.

When love is withdrawn, you will find yourself in the middle of a great conspiracy. Every people you talk seems to be a conspirator, everyone seems to be fake and acting in front of you. You can’t trust anyone because the person you trusted most, given everything you once had, doesn’t trust you any more.

Think before you even start thinking to break up with your partner. Your action might be in your interest but it might kill him.

Good luck

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