Your KARMA is responsible for your happiness and sufferings.

In Hinduism and Buddhism Karma is described as your actions in previous and or present life, which eventually decide your destiny.

The spiritual text was so logical and physiologically right that we can apply it in our daily life. Your current actions decide where and what you may face in immediate future. Therefore, we all must think before we take any actions in any circumstances.

Four principles to behave rationally

1) Observe

2) Absorb

3) Act

4) Accept

One must understand the situation means what is happening around. Assumptions have no place while trying to be rational. You mustn’t assume an clear looking open space as a football ground and drive your car into it, while the fact may be, it’s a water body misunderstood under the moonlight. So, reading the signs of the surroundings by observation is most important to behave rationally.

Analysis of the observation comes second. What you see is right or wrong, real or illusion, hard or soft need to be confirmed before you proceed to the final stage to behave rationally. You should take all the time you need to analyse and absorb the observations. Example: You see a person running towards you with a knife in one hand. You may think he’s trying to hurt you. But, may be, you need to stop a second and watch where he is heading, may be, he’s chased by a police. So, it’s possible he’s running to save his life. Another aspect of absorbing the observations is to be loyal and honest to yourself. The moment you assume, you actually fooling yourself. You are restricting your analysis of the observations only within a certain previously defined parameters, which eventually lets you believe (believers are assumers) and assume. An assumption can fail you.

The third point is Action. Your actions are the outcome of your analysis of the situation. Based on your observations and its analysis you act which could be best for you. Behaving rationally is what makes you eligible to survive. Once you take actions you can’t change the results. So to make right decision to take the right action you have to observe and absorb correctly.

Once Action is take you have to be ready for the consequences. Wrong observation, wrong analysis can lead you to take wrong actions leading to unacceptable results. However once Action is taken you can’t change anything so better you be ready to accept the results and make suitable provisions to move forward in life.

Good, bad, wrong, right everything will be in life. Taking some of the ‘goods’ and ignoring some of the ‘bads’ is the mantra to live a successful life. Your perception of your mortal life occurs only once. Live your life the way you want but be ready for consequences.


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