Do It Fast (DIF)

I can’t stop myself laughing while typing this post, Soon you’ll know why.

Today I’ll tell you how to do things first. The topic is drying cloths. It was a busy day. I had to prepare my daughter for school. When ai tried to reach for her school uniform, I found it all washed but wet. I thought may be I can use the hair drier, so I did, but unfortunately the cloths did get warm but not dry. Then the second thought that crossed my mind was to use a iron. As per my previous experience it actually damages the fabric if you use on it when complete wet and the color specially. So I couldn’t take the risk of discoloring my baby’s school uniform. Then my innovative mind started searching for other means like, to place the cloth in a pan and heat over the gas oven. However I got another better solution, microwave. So I kept the cloth in a bowl and placed it inside the microwave woven. It was on for 5 mins, that’s all. The result was so satisfying that I couldn’t stop myself from writing a blog post.

You can try it at home but be carefull of shirt buttons, and use microwave mode.

Have a good day with your DIF project.