Dear Dog

short coated tan dog


Can you bark for me

Wag your tail

Look at my eyes

Don’t ever fail!

Oh, Dog,

Lick my face

Stay at your place

Keep me safe


Dear dog,

I love you

I know you too

Dont doubt me

Listen to what I say!


Keep your pace

Don’t go ahead

Never fall behind

Talk your mind

Be my friend!

My lovely dog,

Be assured

When you die

I’ll give yu a hug

Cuddle you

Have little cry

Find a-nother pup

Raise him right

Just like you,

Hope he’ll love

As you did,

Then we’ll live

Like we did,

I have a wish

That you live long!

The above composition is quite funny, one needs to recite it like a song. Hoping readers would enjoy. It is obvious no rule was followed like in most of my writings, but who cares, as long as it gives you pleasure, it is an art.

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