Another Painting

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Year: 2015 Artist: Manas Halder


Standing alone in the sea All those were along, gone long ago What was left, what it was always What was flowing can swallow All that is standing alone

The Eye

Gulzar Special (Top 20 shayri )

1.वो मोहब्बत भी तुम्हारी थी नफरत भी तुम्हारी थी, हम अपनी वफ़ा का इंसाफ किससे माँगते..वो शहर भी तुम्हारा था वो अदालत भी तुम्हारी थी. 2. यूँ भी इक बार तो होता कि समुंदर बहता कोई एहसास तो दरिया की अना का होता . 3. बेशूमार मोहब्बत होगी उस बारिश की बूँद को इस ज़मीन… Read More Gulzar Special (Top 20 shayri )

Through the Lens

You had played with a toy car when you were a kid. You learnt to drive a real car when you were a teenager. Then you had designed a car. Then you taught others how to play, drive and design it. You became wise when you came to know it wasn’t the car but the… Read More Through the Lens

Power of Prayer

Peeling Off The Human Condition

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Georges remembered

I spoke about doing a painting of Georges the dolphin a few weeks ago and yesterday I got a chance to take a photo of the painting which is acrylic on canvas. I forgot how much I loved painting this. I think he was a bottle nosed dolphin. They have upturned mouths that make them… Read More Georges remembered