Thoughts from the sea

Societies where social development was hindered by the advent of foreign culture are struggling in terms of its individual member and their perception of liberty, independence and the sense of being social. Meaning of maturity, spirituality, loyalty, friendship, obligation of relationship have been misunderstood and redefined in a cruel and fake way. People are loyal… Read More Thoughts from the sea


Loving someone selflessly is really a crazy thing to do. It cannot last long. If it doesn’t get reciprocated, the feelings go away gradually. However, loving someone and spending years with him or her does create a dependable relationship which is hard to tear apart even if the need or the situation appears. Opposite genders… Read More Love

Heal or Kill

Do not underestimate the effect of time. It does heal any effect of anything on something, however it can Kill as well. Now you have to watch out who and what is being healed or being killed. Don’t leave your destiny in the hands of time, you’ll only lose yourself into the dark. Take the… Read More Heal or Kill

The Eye

Fundamentals of a Marriage

Marriage is a social agreement to live together. However it has its rules which we normally don’t think about but do practice in our daily life without notice in the case of a successful relationship. Sometimes a troubled relationship needs to look into the book to resolve any dispute either in positive way or  negative… Read More Fundamentals of a Marriage

Eat yours first

Say, you are hungry and served with food. Now, situation is like there are others too sitting around with their own plate full of foods. If you are a person with good social and cultural background and also have manners then it is expected that you’ll eat from your plate, if the food isn’t sufficient… Read More Eat yours first


Your KARMA is responsible for your happiness and sufferings. In Hinduism and Buddhism Karma is described as your actions in previous and or present life, which eventually decide your destiny. The spiritual text was so logical and physiologically right that we can apply it in our daily life. Your current actions decide where and what… Read More KARMA

Mile na Mile

Teri Machalti kadmon ne Majboor Kiya, pichha kiya, Tujhe malum tha, main hoon pichhe Balon ka suljhana to bahana tha Mujhe isharese bulana jo tha, Tera chal aur kapdeka haal Kar diyal dilko ghayal, Jana tha tujhe kahin Magar pouch gayi aur kahin, Kho gaya nishana tab Kiska karun pichha ab, Sab kuchh  chala gaya… Read More Mile na Mile