Knowing Your Rottweiler

Through out the world nowadays a rumour is spread that Rottweiler is an aggressive dog breed. Five years ago I purchased a Rott puppy of 2months old. Now he is 5years. People who I meet everyday always show their concern about keeping such n ferocious dog at home. They admire me for my courage and efficiency with which I maintain the dog, take him out for walk. However back in my mind I pity them for living with an wrong idea through out their lives. I completely disagree with other’s believe that Rott is an aggressive dog. The purpose of this article is to describe some crucial facts of my dog or in other words that of a Rottweiler, as observed in the last five years.

The dog I have is a pure breed Rott, it is a very important to know before someone make any judgement about a dog. Most of the pedigree dog breeds those are known to live along side human being either in apartment or in a farm house, either as a guard dog, a watchdog or a lap dog, are not exactly pure in the sense of their genetic formational combination. Their presence in this world was desired by human being long time ago e.g. Rottweiler was created by the Romans for use in the war and for pulling carts to provide supply in the war front. The then butcher even used to use them for delivering meat to customer door front. In the time people used many dog breeds and mixed them genetically and end up with Rottweiler. However it is completely unknown if those mother breeds were chosen based on any certain criteria on randomly. The above is same for many other dog breed. So, after deriving a desired breed e.g. Rottweiler they were inter-bred to produce future generation and thus we have a population of a certain pedigree dog breed. The reason why I mentioned about the purity of breed is that a dog’s characteristics may change if a breed is crossed with another breed. I such a case a the physical differences may not be always prominent but its behavioral changes could be distinctive. Why I mentioned the purityness of a dog breed is that if a dog is crossed with another dog breed then it’s characteristics may vary a lot. The physical differences may not be prominent but behavioral changes could be evident.
let’s come come to the topis which is typical characteristics of a pure breed Rottweiler as observed in my 5years old pet Zorro.
A rottweiler is like any other regular dog. They love to eat, sleep, play and when needed of course bite. I will ex[plain the claim through examples. In the long five years of my Rottweiler he was just a kid. He never grew up. Always behaved like he used to at the age of two. Tug of war is his favorite game. I used to hold one end of a rag or a ball, a basketball which was turned into a disk shaped rubber pad. I would pull ans he would do the same as well with growling sound that can stop one’s heart beat. My height is 5’9’’, when my Rott Zorro used to stand on his rear legs, his height becomes the same. When i come back home from a month or two long outstation project work, he greets me with a hug, holding me with his front legs at my torso keeping his baseball size mouth open and looking straight into my eyes and of course with his growling sound. Without the growling his greeting is incomplete. Later I feel certain pain underneath my pant and T-shirt. When cloths are removed I see all scratches on my thighs ans sides of my body; red bloods seep through the wound. If I became late coming from my evening walk, on return he seize me on the sofa, standing right across my face and head turned towards my face. Many times I had slide through the space under his body between his rear and front sets of legs, which was a safe escape. Never felt him a dangerous dog. He was funny. Every evening he sits on the balcony and wait for me to sit next to him. He looks throughthe window and occasionally barks at stray dogs who accidentally come across his with him is an experience so pleasant that nothing can replace it. He taught me many things, patience, courage, care are a few among them. Although we humans live in a society and nourish all those super qualities but unless one is taken o the edges by the circumstances none really understand the value of those feelings. Well yes about playfulness he is more playful than I am of course. Whenever he wants to play he comes to me and provoked me bringing his ball or a rag etc. He push my arm with his muzzle. Every action of his indicates that he is an intelligent dog breed and I would like to add that Rotts are more intelligent than any other dog breed. This is his natural intelligence. Some dog breeds are there who learns fast and anything that you might tech. When it comes to Rotts you just cant tech or make a Rott so anything you want. This is a clear sign of his ability to distinguish and to use his own judgement towards any action or situation. He does things only that he likes or feels necessary. Personally what I believe that this breed can better with proper guidance and care but even with minimum training they aren’t bad. One negative point, if they aren’t trained, is this dogs are extremely strong and capable of making fatal damages. They can pull just anything. Therefore it is helpful if your cart puller dog is little trained.


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